The Invisible PA was born after a low period in my year. After losing my dearest furry friend I was finally starting to see the sun shining through the clouds and was ready to take on the world again and help you avoid the inevitable guilt you'll feel when running your own business.

Growing up my Dad ran his own business from home. I never completely understood why he spent so much time locked up in his office when I needed help with my homework, or when my sister had a big swim competition.


As The Invisible PA I am, just that, invisible. I work alongside you and assist you in getting your to do list in order, your work life under control and, well, I may even be able to help you organise some of that personal life too.

As a Freelance Personal Assistant I provide you with administrative support, remotely. I can manage your inbox, type documents, organise your calendar, carry out digital filing and even assist in the management of your social media accounts. The list of support I can provide is extensive, you don't need to read it, you just need to tell me what you need.

As a Personal Concierge I will help you get your personal life in order. When you've finally cleared your business to do list the last thing you really want to do is tackle the personal one. Let me run your virtual errands for you. I can book appointments, make reservations, carry out research and assist in planning family events.


I'm here for you, after hours, whilst you're helping with homework, or on the weekend, when you're at that dancing competition. I'll keep things running for you so you can be there for your family when it matters.