You've worked hard on your content. It's time to make your content work even harder for you.


Re-purposing content for new mediums, in new formats and for new audiences is a great way to make the most out of each, and every, piece of content that you create.


Sometimes you just need a fresh set of eyes to find those special gems, think outside the box, and suggest new and exciting things to try.


My 3 step process for content re-purposing will see us use your existing inventory to start building your library of evergreen content before we move on to consistently assessing your new content as, and when, you create it.


Step 1: Get Started

I will:

  • Assess existing content for relevance to business & goals

  • Make recommendations on how to re-purpose for new platforms

You will receive:

  • An easy to understand report, detailing each piece of content assessed

  • A quote, itemised, for each recommendation


Step 2: Make your choice


So, you've got your Content Inventory Report, now what?


  • Take a look through the report, what catches your eye?

  • Choose which pieces of content you absolutely MUST have and place your order.

  • It's that simple!


Step 3: Set Yourself Up For Consistent Re-Purposing

  • At the end of each month send through your new, original content

  • I'll re-purpose it & add it to your evergreen content library

Your evergreen content inventory will expand at an amazing rate and will be constantly refreshed with newly created content.

OK, I lied! It's just one final step!

Pop your details in the form below and I'll send you the information on how we can get started with your awesome re-purposing plans.

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