Well, you're already braver than me!

You've taken the plunge and you're deep into recording your first podcast series.

You've got your groove and you're good to go but, bloody hell, the rest of it's boring and hard, isn't it?

From editing the audio and adding your intro and outro, through to publishing and promoting, a lot goes into podcast production.

Don't be part of the stats - let's get you past your 7th episode and onto great things. Take a peak at what I can do for you:

Podcast Production

$200 per episode*

This is a cost-effective option if you just HATE that editing phase!

This package includes:

  • Editing of your podcast (think removing loud breaths and long pauses)

  • Adding the intro and outro

* based on a podcast of up to 30 minutes (pre-edit)

Podcast Production & Publication

$300 per episode*

Do you want to take it to the next step and include a bit more?

This package includes everything in the Podcast Production package plus:

  • Creation of 1 cover image (in-line with your podcast branding)

  • Creation of transcript/show notes (your preference)

  • Upload on your preferred podcasting platform

  • 1x social media post promoting the new episode

    • This post can be sent to you for publication at your leisure or can be scheduled by me

* based on a podcast of up to 30 minutes (pre-edit)

The ULTIMATE Podcasting Package

$500 per episode*

If gaining back as much time as possible is your goal AND you're wanting to reach as much of your audience as possible, it's time to consider the ULTIMATE package!

This package includes both Production and Publication of your podcast episode as well as:

  • 3x additional social media posts 

  • 3x social media graphics

  • 1x blog

  • 1x blog image

NB. Further repurposing options are available for quote on request and can include:

  • Video scripting

  • Infographic design

  • eBook creation

  • Freebie/opt-in download design

* based on a podcast of up to 30 minutes (pre-edit)

Not quite what you're looking for?

No problem!

Let's have a chat about what you need and I'll customise something to suit.