4 Scents To Improve Focus & Increase Productivity

We all know that different scents evoke different feelings and memories in us. But did you know that you can use scent to improve focus and increase productivity?

The sense of smell is the strongest of the senses in the human body. It’s also the one that is best able to affect brain activity.

I’ve always had my own personal ‘belief’ that different scents make me feel/do things differently. This blog started life as a small, bullet point, social media post but, when I started the research, I found so much interesting information I just had to expand upon it for you. I had no idea I would learn so much about scent, how it can improve focus, increase productivity, and invoke so many memories in us.

The first think I learnt on my adventures was that there are workplaces out there that employ a ‘scent strategy’. Using different scents at different times of the day, week, or even year, to improve mood, focus and productivity in the workforce.

Well, I say that just because you’re in your office alone doesn’t mean you can’t also implement a scent strategy.

Whether you just need a quick pick-me-up, are about to start a task that you know is going to sap some of your energy or you just want to be performing at your peak. A scent strategy could help you become more focussed and get more done.

So, let’s delve into the world of scent and look at 4 of my favourite scents that can improve focus and increase your productivity.


I love a morning cup of coffee. I love the smell of it brewing. Deep, earthy, natural.

Never mind drinking coffee, though, if it’s not your think.

Coffee, as a scent, enhances analytical thinking and promotes attentiveness. Who would have thought that smelling coffee has an almost matched effect to drinking it?

But, I have one more amazing piece of information that I learned online, just this morning. It’s a very important one for regular coffee drinkers.

The higher your regular consumption of coffee, the quicker you are to recognise the scent, the more of an effect that scent has on your productivity.

So, for the coffee drinkers out there, looking for the buzz of a cuppa without actually drinking it, just sink your nose into a bag of coffee beans!


I, personally, tie rosemary to Sunday roasts. Memories of roast lamb and being sent out into the garden to harvest a few springs for mum. Maybe it’s just extra proof of it’s benefits.

Rosemary is a scent that improves memory function. They regularly talk about using rosemary as a study aid. It aids in the retention of new information.

It can also increate attentiveness, though. So if you need a remain alert and focussed during a particularly tough afternoon, rosemary may well be the scent for you.


Lemon is well known for its ability to promote a positive mood. It reminds us of sunnier days and tasty cocktails. Who wouldn’t be happier remembering those?

But lemon also helps to decrease errors.

I know, right?! How is this brand new information to me today?

“A Japanese study found that workers made 54% less typing errors when they could smell lemon.”

Amazing, right? So, guess I know where I’m headed the next time I have a long blog or article to write… to get my diffuser and the lemon oil.


The last of my specific scent offerings for you today, peppermint.

Very well know as a natural stimulant. Taking a sniff of some peppermint oil will give you a boost of energy when you feel yourself flagging a little bit.

I think toothpaste is minty because of this reason alone; it wakes you up with the smack in the face scent!

Peppermint is great for sustaining attention and increasing concentration levels, good for when you’re reading a long, in-depth report.

It’s also known to enhance the accuracy of your memory and is, interestingly, most beneficial when consumed in oil form.

So, now that you know a few scents that can improve focus and productivity how about you create your own scent strategy.

It’s time to find out what makes you tick. Head out to your local health food store, or aromatherapist and create yourself a little collection of essential oils to have in your office, waiting for when they’re needed the most.

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