How to easily repurpose your blog into a social media series

How are you finding my deep dives into repurposing your blog content?


Ok, I know this is only the second one but, still!

In my last blog, we looked at repurposing old blog posts into social media posts. This week we’re going to look at how to repurpose a blog post into a series of social media posts.

What is a social media post series?

Quite simply, it's a series of posts that run with the same theme and possibly run in a step-by-step or particular order.

Social media series posts work well when they’re posted back-to back but the frequency of those posts is really up to you and depends on the current schedule of posts you have going on.

Some people choose daily for the run (to create a quick, short and sharp boost of credibility) and others prefer all at once so that they show up randomly in people's news feeds.

I prefer to do a daily schedule over a specific period of time, or at least regularly with no interruptions. For example, if there are more than 5 posts, I might choose to post every other day while ensuring there are no interruptions from other posts in my schedule.

Whatever way you choose, just make sure it works for you and your schedule.

As I have mentioned in previous blogs related to content repurposing, step-by-step or ordered/list blog posts tend to work well in a series of social media posts.

In today’s first example, I wanted to go super-simple. So join me as I take a step back in time, right to my first, and VERY outdated, blog post.

Why do you need a VA?

For me, this blog is extremely outdated as I no longer offer admin-based VA services, but it serves well as an example for you in this first step of the process.

As you read through this post, you'll note that it is clearly a list of reasons why hiring a VA is something some business owners should consider.

The blog is laid out in clear points, numbered, and I spend some time working through some industry information, some pain points and then focus on the benefits.

If I were to turn this into a series of social media posts, I would work through the blog and determine how many posts I could get from the content. This, in turn, may help you to determine the posting schedule.

If I were to repurpose this post now I would create posts relating to the following points from the blog:

  1. Fact sharing post

  2. Risks/pain points

  3. Productivity stats

  4. Money/time saving stats

  5. Adhoc/hire as needed information

  6. Skills and learning

  7. Office hours and how they can work for the audience

  8. You’re behind on the times

Once you’ve been able to determine topics and the number of posts, you can get to work on using the information from the blog to construct the posts.

I always try to make sure the posts can still stand alone, just on the off chance that they come through in news feeds out of order but I also think that making reference to the series in each post ensures that if required, my audience can go find the others to learn more. Overall, however, they need to be considered a series for the idea to really work.

Now, I'm a combination visual and written learner, and if you're anything like me, you're going to want to see examples of how this is done. As I didn't repurpose that old blog, I need to move into a more recent blog that worked perfectly as a series and remains relevant to me and my services today.

Creating clear and concise content: 6 easy steps

The title says it all, don't you think?

I repurposed this blog into 6 separate social media posts for a series. I posted on all platforms, however, it worked especially well for Instagram.

The blog, clearly, has a list-style heading, and within the blog, you'll see that there are numbered headings. They all related to each other and the main topic of the blog and, in my opinion, are a PRIME example of taking your repurposing to the next level.

Each of these Instagram posts was accompanied by an excerpt from the blog. It was one of the few times I found that a 'copy and paste' job really did the trick for my content repurposing.

Doing a social media series from an old (or new blog) is a great way to give yourself a good amount of repurposed content but it's essential that you are picking the right blogs. I don’t think every blog is suited to a series and it’s worth considering how the posts will feel as they go out.

Over the past 18 months, I can only remember doing 2 or 3 series posts.

What do you think? Do you have an old blog post lying around the would really suit a series of social media posts? Why not give it a go?

As always, don't forget to tag me in your repurposed posts (or in the comments) so that I can take a squizz!