How to repurpose a blog into a quote image post

The quote image...

We all know what they are.

Sometimes we love 😍 them. Sometimes we hate 😠 them.

When it comes to repurposing content, quote images can be an amazing option to help you bulk out your social media content while offering a valuable or inspiring thought.

Working through your blog archives, I’ll bet there are some amazing nuggets of wisdom that are hiding away, waiting to be heard, waiting to inspire and help someone get through their day.

Personally, I prefer quoting myself vs using someone else’s quotes. So, while I may quote others in my blogs, I’ll lean towards my words first for quote images.

I don’t know, maybe it’s a little vanity, but I feel a little rush of pride when I realise I have actually said something worth quoting.

Just remember that if you do decide to quote someone else in your image and post, credit them and tag them, where possible.

If we look at our repurposing benefits, consider how quick and easy finding and using a quote can be. For me, the longest part of the process is designing the image!

When I’m teaching others to about repurposing, I do worry that my content is too complex or, in cases like today, too simple 🤷🏼‍♀️ but I think the simplicity of this form of content repurposing is exactly why it’s one of the first you should attempt if you’re a little nervous, short on time or just aren’t sure where to start.

So, how do I do it?

The first thing to be aware of is that I usually come across my quotes while I am writing the blog. I’ll think, ‘oh, that sounds really smart, funny or inspirational’ and I’ll highlight it in the blog as a quote. That makes it even simpler, but let’s imagine that you’re working with an old blog (I’ll use an old one for the examples below.

1. Pick a blog, any blog, like this one.

2. Read it all the way through, thinking about the message you were/are trying to convey.

3. Consider if there are any sentences that are, inspirational, funny, instructional or are full of wisdom. See below for a few examples

4. Create yourself a word doc, notepad, or write them down.

5. Consider whether each quote can stand alone (in an image) or whether some text content will help get the point across (there is no right or wrong).

Et voila, you have your quotes.

Now it’s time to think about step 5. Which quotes can stand on their own (ideal for Instagram) and which quotes need some text content to go deeper (suit most platforms).

I think of my screenshots above, the second one can stand alone but the first and third ones will need a bit of context.

6. Design your quote images in your app of choice (I use Canva). A top tip is to try to stick to a few specific quote templates. It will help save you time in designing and help you stay on brand.

7. Write the relevant text to accompany.

8. Schedule away…

I know I said it was simple, it really is.

With the image design (usually where I get really hung up on things), just remember that simple is better. You don’t want to lose the time you’re saving by repurposing, on trying to get the perfect image, remember…

Imperfect action over perfect inaction – H.S Truman

Because I can easily get lost down the design rabbit hole, I thought I’d give you a few tips that help me through most quote images.

Once you’ve found a few designs that work for you (maybe 2-3), create templates that work with your branding and re-use them.

Not as hard as you thought?

I’d love to see your repurposed quote images, don’t forget to tag me in the comments so I can see!

If you love the idea of repurposing your content, whether it’s into social media posts, quote images or something else, but just really aren’t the creative sort, don’t stress.

I can help.

Let’s have a chat about where you’re at with your content and where you want to be. I’ll personalise the repurposing plan for you and your goals.

What are you waiting for?