How to repurpose your blogs into social media posts

A few weeks ago, I talked you through some of my favourite ways to repurpose blog posts from your dusty old archives. They were, of course, summarised but I know that if you’re a keen DIY-er, you’ll really be wanting to give a go, yourself.

So, today, we’re going to look at, and tackle, repurposing an old blog into social media posts.

What is content repurposing?

OK, if you’re new to me and my blog, I'll direct you to do some exploring to get a really good idea of what content repurposing is, why it's important and why you should include it as part of your content strategy.

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I believe that taking an old blog post and repurposing it into social media posts is one of the easiest ways to repurpose. It’s important to try not to copy and paste too much. Remember, your main goal is to display your knowledge and encourage your audience to go back and read your blog, in full.

Starting with transforming long-form content to short-form content makes sense as you already have more content than you need. Sometimes it’s just a jiggle of words, other times it’s taking the idea and explaining it in a different way.

So, in the first instance, we’re going to look at creating multiple posts from one blog (not a series of posts, this is the next blog). They’re all going to be standalone posts.

I’m going to use examples from all over my blog catalogue today, as you may find some blogs are easy and some are harder. My biggest and best tip is:

“Don’t force it.”

If the theme/style of post you thought would work, doesn’t, move on and try something else.

I have a few ‘go to’ themes when I’m looking at repurposing an old blog…

1. Question posts

Is there a question already in your post that you can expand upon, or summarise? In this blog there are already 2 areas that I could consider using for a question-style post:

“What is content repurposing?”

This is actually a question that I pose/use regularly in my content, mainly because in one, infamous blog, my husband provided me with an amazing theory to help others understand what content repurpose was. He still talks about royalties to this day!

“Why should I repurpose my content?”

Answering what might be considered an FAQ, in a social media post, will give you an evergreen piece of content as well as content for your FAQs page (if you have one) and help you have a pre-written response should you be asked questions elsewhere.

Alternatively, you could consider a very simple question-style poll for your post to help you get a better understanding of your audience's knowledge, or just start a conversation.

Consider simple posts such as:

  • How do you …

  • What’s your favourite way to …

  • (topic), yes or no?

2. Humourous posts

Is there something within your blog post that might be considered funny, odd or can it be flipped to be giggle-worthy?

I wrote a blog last year about creating clear and concise content.

Enter one of my funniest (in my opinion) social media posts!

Yep, that’s right, as part of my research for the blog, I came across this term and I just couldn’t resist.

It still gets the point across, and I didn’t use it for all platforms, but it was funny and received some interesting comments/thoughts.

3. Snippets

While I’m not a big advocate of just copying and pasting content into social media posts (I’d consider that to be more re-using than repurposing), there are instances where it can work.

A snippet may entice and encourage your readers to follow the link to read more.

Consider the below from my blog What is Proof editing?

The snippet tells you what the blog post I about, and has a clear message, but advises for further information to read on.

As I’m not a fan of the copy and paste job, I use the snippet sparingly and only when I find the content really works.

4. Summary

Again, not quite a copy and paste job, but a really good way of displaying what your blog is about, without all the characters that go with the in-depth content.

A very old blog post of mine on keyboard shortcuts became a very popular and conversational social media post. We all wanted to share our knowledge and we all learnt something new.

So, there you have it. 4 different ideas to get you started on repurposing old blog posts into social media posts. Just remember, where possible, to link back to your blog!

Keep an eye out on my socials as I repurpose this post into some (or all) of the above.

I’d love for you to share your favourite ways of repurposing blogs into social media posts.

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