Make an appointment with ... YOU!

Set an appointment with YOU and have some me time.

Self-care. Me time. Call it what you will, it’s very important to include this in your routine.

When you work in a home office it can be very hard to separate yourself from that desk.

Taking some time for yourself is essential to giving your life balance. Do you like the idea of creating yourself an end of day routine to help you shut down? The hardest part is actually setting the time aside and allowing yourself to take it.

Don't let anything get in your way, no excuses, set an appointment in your calendar with YOU!

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Yoga - I love how easily I can shut off my mind when I jump onto the mat. You'll also improve posture and flexibility and get fit at the same time.

Meditate - Mediation in itself will teach you how to shut off your mind but it will also help you to enhance your other self-care practices. Reduce your stress levels and find your happy place.

Read a book - If you give yourself the time you will enjoy snuggling up and reading a juicy book. Submerge yourself in another world and forget about the one you're in, for a while. On top of the mental stimulation you'll also improve your vocabulary.

These are my personal favourites but what about you? What self-care routine do you already have in place? What self-care routine goals are you going to set?

If you're still struggling to see where you might be able to find some time to set aside for yourself, don't panic.

Your to do list can be my to do list. Give me a call and let's chat about how I can help with that.

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