Make The Most Of Your Time

In our very busy world we spend much of our time wishing we had more time. We also wish for less work and more time to spend on the things we love to do.

To achieve the latter we need to start thinking about where we may be losing time in our day.

Think about how much time in your week is spent commuting on the train, standing in line at the shop, sitting in the doctors waiting room or waiting for someone else to show up for an appointment.

Instead of allowing this time to pass by, why not try putting it to good use. Why not listen to an educational podcast on your daily commute? How about getting those last few emails responded to and filed away? What about getting that grocery list written? You’ll be surprised at how much you can achieve when you take advantage of this ‘wasted’ time.

You’ll find that you have a few less minor tasks to complete when you are in the office, you’ll learn new things and become more productive, you’ll free up some time at home too.

So give it a go and tell me where your wasted time is and what you’re going to do with that time now...

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