My First Networking Event!

Attending my first networking event, a few weeks ago, was a very big step for me.

My business sees me working behind the scenes, I like being unseen, I'm an introvert who enjoys the solitude of a home office.

So, heading into my first networking event and being faced with 10 strangers was very confronting for me.

What did I learn from my experience?

1. I chose the right name for my business! I know it's an odd one to start with but I worked very hard to find the right name. I wanted people to know what I did without having to ask. It worked!

2. People really do buy people. It's true what they say, why would I doubt the masses? I already keep these new acquaintances in mind when I'm in my daily business so that I can recommend them if someone needs their expertise.

3. Don't spend the whole time talking about you. I had some great conversations and met some very interesting people so be curious and ask questions of others. You'd be surprised what you might learn.

I came out of the event feeling uplifted and excited for the next one which I've just managed to book in.

What’s your number one tip for attending a networking event?

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