OMG! Where's the edit post button?

For those of you that read my regular posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or even here on my blog, you will know that poor spelling, grammar and typing errors are real pet peeves of mine.

Don’t get me wrong, I know we’re all human. We’re all in a rush and we all have too many things to do. Your finger slips and before you know it you have that “OMG where’s the edit post button?” moment.

Did you know that people make, on average, 3 times as many spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes when writing content for their social media?

That’s 39 mistakes per 100 words for social media and 13 mistakes per 100 words for email.

That is a phenomenal amount of errors. It’s noticeable and can affect your brand reputation. As we all know, keeping a good reputation is extremely important. You never know when that one spelling mistake is going to cost you a potential customer.

Never fear though, help is at hand. Here are a few of my top tips to avoid embarrassing mistakes making in out into your social media posts.

1. Read it backwards: Honestly, this does work. It makes you look at the word, out of context, and is great in helping you pick up spelling errors.

2. Read it out loud: I personally like to read out loud to my husband, the willing listener, as I call him. But if no one is available at least read it out loud to yourself. This will not only allow you to check the flow of words and the ‘feel’ of the content but will assist you in noticing the wrong word. Be honest, how many times have you written form instead of from? That’s not a spelling error, it's just the wrong word.

3. Take a break: Move onto something else or, better yet, take a break. It’s essential that you outsmart the auto-correct built into your brain. We’ve all seen those posts that use numbers in place of letters or muddled letters. Your brain is smart, sometimes too smart, and will auto-correct things if you’ve been looking at them for too long. When you come back to your work after a break, you’re more likely to pick up on any errors missed from steps 1 and 2.

4. Don’t rely on apps: I don’t care how ‘good’ they are. A spell checker app isn’t going to pick up on you using the wrong word. My biggest one when typing on my phone is into and onto being used (the I and O are just too close together for my fingers!).

Built in grammar and spelling apps are great and they are right, most of the time. However, it’s that ONE time they aren’t right that will cost you the most.

Invest your time in checking your posts before hitting post and you’ll be one step closer to avoiding that panicked “OMG where's the edit post button?” moment.

If spelling and grammar just aren’t really your thing, that’s OK, they’re my thing! Sitting down with copy to edit and format is my happy place 😊. So, come on, hand it over, let me format, edit and schedule your posts for you. What are you waiting for?

See my Schedule Your Socials page or get in touch for more information.

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