Perfect your To-Do list with the 4Ds!

Delete: Scan through your list, remove any item you deem unimportant or of no value to your or your business. You'll find that these items appear on your list many times during the week and just never get done.

Delegate: Which tasks on your list can be completed by someone else? Pass them over right away. A virtual assistant can respond to emails, manage your diary and carry out other administrative tasks. A bookkeeper can keep your books in order. The main point of being able to delegate it is to give yourself more time to carry out the tasks that only you can do.

Defer: Some of the tasks on your list won't be urgent but they've made it this far so you know they need to be done, just later. Prioritise these based on business vs personal. Your goal is to have your business tasks completed during business hours and your personal tasks after, or even at home.

Do it: You've made it. These are the items that only you can do.

Give yourself even more time to complete the tasks only you can do; let me help. Get in touch to see what you can delegate to me.

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