Providing a Pleasurable Reading Experience

To encourage your audience to read your social media (or even blog) posts you must make it a pleasurable experience.

Content, of course, is key to creating an enjoyable read for your audience but don't forget about how the subconscious interacts with your posts too.

To improve readability and avoid embarrassing mistakes, format and edit your social media posts.

Editing will remove embarrassing typos, spelling and grammar mistakes and there are quite a few tips and tricks I have for avoiding these mistakes, watch out for my next post for these.

But one of the easiest things you can do to ensure your content is easy to read is format. That's right, so simple, right?

This first image is of one of my social media posts which has had all of the formatting removed. It's a block of text that is difficult to read and hard to follow along. Hard to believe that this post includes a great set of 4 tips to perfect your to do list. Something that my audience might like to learn.

This second image, already, is easier on the eye. It's fully formatted. You can now, clearly, see that it's a defined set of tips with a title (let's you know what you're about to read) and 5 clear paragraphs.

The white space between the points relieves eye fatigue and ensures that each point of the post is easily read and understood. There is little need to re-read it, saving your audience time.

To have your posts read by as many people in your community as possible make it an easy and pleasurable experience for them.

If you love writing your social media or blog posts but just HATE the boring part of editing and formatting, that's ok, don't be ashamed or feel reprimanded. Some of just aren't good, or interested in those things 😉

Lucky for you, this is one of the things I love to do and I do it well. Head over to my 'Schedule Your Socials' page and see what I can do for you.

If you'd prefer information on blog editing or any other kind of editorial formatting, just pop me an email or set up a 'Getting to know you call'.

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