Schedule Your Socials - Top Tips!

My Top Tips for Scheduling Your Socials

Everyone keeps telling me that posting to 'you all' or 'everyone' makes each of you feel un-loved.

Well, I'm here to tell you that I am here, writing for you ALL! We all need help, we all need advice and, damn it, I'm going to share my little tips with anyone, and everyone, who wants to know them.

Every week I post #TopTipTuesday on my Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Over the past few weeks my posts have revolved around my top tips for social media posting.

We all read about the hurdles social media can present and, honestly, I'm no professional, yet! I'm learning as I go but am keen to share whatever knowledge I gain along the way.

I opened my 'virtual' business doors in May. I've been working my social media network since then. I've definitely learnt a few things along the way and, who knows, maybe one day I'll be an 'official' social media manager. But for now, I want to share the most important things that I've learnt... with you all :)

So, are you ready to jump in?



Creating a social media schedule is going to help you ensure your posts are published regularly and at a time that suits your audience.

Using a social media scheduler, like Hootsuite, means that if you're not available to watch the clock ⏰ , waiting for that perfect time to post, you can rest easy knowing that your post is going to go up exactly when it needs to.

So creating a social media schedule using a social media scheduler means that you don't actually have to be online when your audience is. Tell the scheduler when to post, what time, what day and, just like magic, it'll do it for you!

Do you know when your audience is online? It should be one of the first things you start to think about when creating your social media schedule. Have a think about when your audience has time to be online. Are they corporate employees who spend their commute browsing? Are they stay at home mums who are definitely NOT going to be free during school drop-off or pick-up?

Have a think about it and use your common sense. If you get stuck, ask your audience when they have the most time online to browse and, if all else fails, get in touch with me, I'll help :)



Why do you need to schedule your social media posts? In Tip #1 we talked about when your audience is online and yes, that is important to know, but surely there are other reasons to schedule?

Regularity. Keeping a regular presence on your chosen social platform is extremely important in building and maintaining a strong foundation for your business. It helps you to establish your brand, reputation and can help to increase your followers.

I had a meeting recently and got to a point in the conversation where the following statement was made:

"I haven't posted anything on my page for 3 weeks and I still got 3 bookings through my page this week alone."

OK, firstly, that's great! I am by no means trying to make anyone feel bad. What I'm trying to get you to see is the bigger picture:

My response; "OK, that's awesome, but tell me something. Do you think you'll still get bookings from your business page in 3 months when there have been no further posts? What about in 6 months? Or 12?"

I was assisting in some fundraising recently and wanted to contact someone in a particular industry. I wanted to support a local woman in business and found a business page that suited my needs. It looked to be exactly what I needed except for one thing. There hadn't been a single post in over a year. The owner was definitely still present on the platform but there was nothing, nada, zip for me to work with. They were lucky that I was looking for something so specific and was determined, so I messaged them directly. Confirmation that they were still in business was good for me but, what if their audience isn't usually that determined or fussed?

In other situations a potential customer could have moved on to someone else. Let's be honest. How many times have we moved on to a different website because the first one we found looked so old and out of date that it could have been built a decade ago? (my husband honestly just admitted to doing this, he hates a bad website🤦‍♂️ )

Keeping a regular presence is important. It let's your audience know that you're still there 🙋‍♀️ .

In the beginning I knew the need for a regular presence but just didn't have the skills in writing and creating content. A great mentor said to me, "Lizzi, you don't need to post multiple times a day, you just need to post quality content consistently." And it was great advice.

Quality over quantity. Make it a damn good post and it doesn't matter if you only post once per week.



No, ladies, not that CORE! Although ... I have skipped my last few Yoga practices 🧘‍♀️.

No, what I'm talking about is a core schedule. A core social media schedule is the regular, pre-planned content you post to your platform/s.

I began with 1 post a week. After a few months of working and trying very hard I now average 2-3 posts per week but I consistently have 1 post a week.

#TopTipTuesday was born out of my understanding for the need for a core social media schedule. Every Tuesday I post a tip. As you're seeing from this blog post my recent posts have been about social media! But watch this space as there are plenty of other tips to come.

If your audience knows that you post an inspirational quote on a Monday and a Top Tip for the weekend on a Friday, they're more likely to engage with your page on a regular basis. Your core schedule will keep you posting regularly and is there to back you up if you run out of inspiration for adhoc posts.

I am, honestly, not trying to boast here, I am trying to help you see what is possible. My current plan for #TopTopTuesday has now got enough content to take me past Christmas🎄🎅 . You have NO IDEA how good this makes me feel 🎉.

But my idea for #TopTipTuesday started as a small idea. It actually started out as a way for me to release a new service package. A 3 week schedule of posts that helped me to explain to my audience how important social media scheduling was and to begin showing what knowledge I had. Coincidentally, my #ScheduleYourSocials packages release this week!

However, as I prepped and wrote these posts, more and more ideas kept popping into my head 💡. If you're where I was a few weeks ago you'll think being prepped over 8 weeks in advance is a long shot, but really, it's not. Just believe in yourself. All you need is that one great idea and you'll run with it. That's what I'm doing and I can, almost, not stop myself.

So those are my #TopTips on social media scheduling and why you should do it. I'd really love to know what you've taken away from this.

Have you learnt something new? Have I given you some inspiration? Do you now understand the need for but don't have the time to #ScheduleYourSocials?

I'm not a big, in your face, seller. I'm a big believer in trying things for yourself and learning what you are, and aren't, good at.

You are the face of your business and you're a busy person. There's no need for you to be cooped up, chained to your desk, arranging your social media schedule when there's someone out there who can do it for you.

If you'd like to 'be free' and would like me to help that happen just get in touch with me. Book in a 'Getting to know you' call. We can talk all things you, and your business, and design a #ScheduleYourSocials package that suits your needs.

Well, for today, that's all folks.

*ps. how many times did I say social media schedule in this post? It's a good thing you're not reading it out loud like me! Tongue twister much?

*pps. Don't forget to head over to my Facebook or LinkedIn pages to keep up with all of my #TopTipTuesday posts! Upcoming topics include: #readability, #keyboardshortcuts, #buildingastrongrelationship with your VA(!) and much more. Want to keep reading till Christmas? Good, me too!

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