Sorry, you do what?

When I head into a networking event, I'm always a bit stumped on how to describe what I do. It's the same on social media, which is why, every few months, I take the time to post on my socials and answer this very question. What do I do?

It may be that I have a lot of new followers who ‘know’ me but don’t know what I do. It may be that I’ve taken some time and learnt something new that I want to tell everyone about. Either way, it’s nice to re-introduce yourself to your audience and, today, that’s what I’m going to do.

For the first time, ever, it’s going to be on my blog 😱. I have never done a ‘getting to know me’ kind of blog, be kind in your judgement of it. I’m not one to talk about myself often. Either the floodgates will open or I’ll end up being really cagey – you decide.

You may have read my introduction posts on my socials and think that you’ve heard this all before. Believe me, think again!


One of the biggest things that anyone wants to know about me is my why. Why did I start this business and where is it going?

The Invisible PA was born at a very tough time in my life. I’d just lost my dearest fur baby 🐶 (Brewski) and I felt extremely lost. I was working for an amazing company but in a role I severely disliked. I was fed up with someone else ruling my life.

Well, I’m off to a good start. Don’t they always say your story should be about the people you want to help? Unfortunately, that’s not how it happened in this instance. It was all about ME… to start off with!

We will get to you. You are just as important as me!

I began to think about what I wanted to do, what I wanted to achieve and where I wanted to be in 5-10 years.

After some research and soul-searching, I decided that I wanted to pursue an idea I’d had many years ago. Become a specialist in administrative support. Help people with the parts of their business that they disliked, couldn't do or didn't want to do.

The idea also stemmed from my childhood. Surprise! Doesn't everything?

After years of having my Dad work from home, him being so close yet so inaccessible, I wanted to work with business owners to ensure that they could spend more time with their families, at the times that mattered:

  • In the evenings so that you can help with homework?

  • When you’ve promised your partner to binge-watch the final few eps of that new TV 📺 show?

  • On the weekends when you’ve got birthday parties, football 🏉 matches and dance classes 🩰 to ferry the kids to?

  • What about heading to that long-awaited catch up with some of your closest friends?

That’s why I do what I do.

I want you to live your life. Enjoying each moment you’re away from ‘business’ just as much as you (should) enjoy each moment you spend in it!

When you want to take a few hours out to do something for you, the family and/or your friends, you don’t want to be worrying about the work you should/could be doing. You can rest easy knowing that someone is there, holding the fort, and getting s**t done!

So far, this is my favourite description of what I do:

The fairy who gets things done while you’re sleeping.

I’m here to provide remote support to online business owners, such as yourself, who:

So, how do you help?

Overall, I see myself as the spare set of hands 🙌 and the extra mind 🧠 you’ve been looking for. I help get more things done in less time and fill knowledge gaps.

As I’ve alluded above, what makes me completely different to anyone you've ever worked with before? I work exclusively in the evenings, on the weekends, and over public holidays. I do this so that you don’t have to.

OK, I think I’m with you. Now, tell me what you do.

Over the past year, my service offering has changed significantly. From my humble beginnings of business and personal administration, I now offer a very specialised set of services.

I am constantly training, re-training, practising and testing myself, to ensure that I am offering you the best quality of service possible.

So, without further ado, this is what I can do for you:

Copy-Editing and Proofreading

According to a copy-editor will:

  • Check spelling and grammar

  • Style and consistency

  • Provide minor re-writes for flow and readability

  • Assist in ensuring the content meets its purpose

A proofreader will:

  • Check layout and design

  • Check for final typos

  • Ensure content is ready for publication

Sometimes the two roles are mixed up or confused and, honestly, that’s quite understandable!

I offer combined copy-editing and proofreading services to you. I’ll work through all areas of your content, ensuring a polished and professional piece of work.

No piece of copy is too small when it comes to copy-editing and proofreading, in my opinion.

So, why would you be looking for a copy-editor or proofreader?

  1. You HATE checking your work 😠

  2. You need to outsmart the autocorrect function in your brain

  3. You don’t have the time ⏰

  4. You SUCK at grammar (it’s nothing to be ashamed of!)

  5. You want to present a polished and professional piece of work to your audience

Content Management

Content management, I know, is very broad in name. It can be very broad in service, too. However, I have found a few specific areas of content that I adore and am hugely passionate about.

Content Re-purposing

As described in my recent blog "The 4 great reasons you should re-purpose your content". Re-purposing content for new mediums, in new formats and for new audiences is a great way to make the most out of each, and every, piece of content you create.

Sometimes you just need a fresh set of eyes 👀 to find the special gems, think outside the box and suggest new and exciting things to try.

You work hard on your content, it's time to make sure that your content is working hard for you.

Multimedia Editing

I love to perfect things. Sometimes too much!

If you’ve taken up podcasting or creating videos for your YouTube channel, you may need this specialised area of knowledge and skill.

Let me save you the time and stresses of editing your audio and visual content.

From editing the audio on your podcast to ensuring that edits to your video content aren’t jumpy, I can assist you in presenting a clear and easy to view/hear piece of content.

Content Creation

This area of content management is probably the most sought after. Someone to create your content for you. I get it. It’s totally stressful – I know, I have to do it, too!

I have some quite strong but controversial beliefs in this area. We’re all entitled to our opinions so hear me out and don’t judge ⚖.

I believe that a business owner should be significantly involved in their content creation process. I do not believe that I best serve your interests by creating content from start to finish for you. How can you ever ‘sell’ your content, whether it’s during a networking event or discovery call if none of the words came from your mouth?

If you’re looking for content to be created from scratch, I’m definitely not 🚫 your gal.

I am your gal if you would like assistance in creating your content.

So, what do I offer here?

  • Research 🔎 – let me take the time-consuming side of content creation from you. I’ll find you awesome articles to reference, quote and take inspiration from.

  • Skeleton 🦴 drafts – let me take your awesome ideas and build a skeleton draft. I’ll lay out your ideas in an organised/logical order and present to you ready to be expanded.

  • Expansion – that’s right, I can also do the opposite. Come to me with your skeleton draft and I’ll work with you to expand that draft into a fully-fledged piece of content.

You don’t need someone to create the content for you from scratch, you just need someone to be there for you in the stages you find the most difficult.

How did I do? Didn't make you want to throttle me?


General Business Administration

Ok, so, here we are, where I first started and what I’ve done for the longest.

Supporting business owners, executives and other administrators in business admin. Over 15 years I’ve been in this industry and I know, for most of you, it’s the most hated and delayed part of your business.

I don’t think I really need to tell you what business administration is, do I? It’s far-ranging, different for everyone, and for some – the most boring thing you can think of!

Well, not for me!

When I speak to business owners about my administration services I do find I have to remind you all of just one thing … I provide after-hours support. I can’t provide a phone answering service or manage an inbox.

What I can do?

  • Ensure that your to-do list is finished overnight

  • Get that project completed over the weekend

  • Pretty much anything that doesn’t require attending to between 9-5 pm!

Wow, this turned into one of the longest blogs I’ve ever written! Trying to explain what I do, why and how this benefits you, is difficult. I'm much better at doing it in person 🤔.

I hope you learnt something about me and The Invisible PA, today.

If you want to learn more, didn’t understand what I was talking about, or have realised that I really am the fairy who’s been missing from your life, I offer an obligation-free ‘getting to know you’ call 📞 where you can choose what we talk about.

  • Your copy-editing and proofreading needs?

  • Your content plan and how it can be adapted to include re-purposing?

  • An area of content creation that you’re struggling with?

  • How I can support you in getting your shit done so that you can be with your loved ones?

  • Something else 🤷‍♀️?

Just click here and let me know what you’d like to talk about … I am looking forward to it

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