The 4 Great Reasons You Should Repurpose Your Content

Repurposing content is a term that gets bandied around now and then. Whether you understand the definition of it, at this point, isn’t the point. The point is that you have an idea of what it is, you know that you should be trying to do it, but you’re so focussed on creating your new content that this, underestimated ‘pastime’ falls by the wayside.

No matter what happens on your content creation journey, don’t forget about the content you’ve already produced.

What is content repurposing?

Re-purposing content is taking the content that you’ve already created (and used) and turning it into something new. You’re going to edit it and change the format from one type of content to another.

Think YouTube video into a podcast, or a blog post into a series of social media posts. The possibilities are endlessly changing but don’t worry, I’m going to go into all of the possibilities I can think of in an upcoming blog!

Re-purposing content vs re-using content

I think this is where the most common confusion comes from. Re-purposing is not re-using.

Re-purposing content is where you are taking existing content, changing it significantly and publishing it again. My hubby likens it to 'up-cycling'!

Re-using content is taking an existing piece of content and re-posting it, unchanged.

You might re-use social media posts that were particularly successful, copying and pasting the content into a new post for sharing with your audience.

There are many different benefits to repurposing your content. There are articles galore on how and why you should repurpose your content but I wanted to bring the 4 and a ½ reasons (yes, I did that!) that I think content re-purposing is beneficial to your business and you, too.

1. Create content faster – save time

Think about the usual content journey. Whether it’s a simple social media post, a long-form blog, a podcast or video. The journey doesn’t change.

They say that on average, depending on the type of content you’re creating, it can take 1 – 6 hours to create just 1 piece of content.

I don’t know about you but my jaw hit the floor 🤯 when I heard that. Then I thought about it and, you know what, it’s probably true!

Of course, everyone is different in the time it takes them to create content, so please don’t compare yourself to others, my point is simple.

Creating content takes time.

The simplicity of how re-purposing content can save you time is amazing.

You’re not designing a new piece of content from scratch. You don’t need to brainstorm ideas and pick a topic. You probably don’t need to do much more keyword research, either.

You already have the basis of the content, you’re just adapting it to suit your new platform choice.

By drawing your ideas and content basics from a past piece of content you are seriously cutting down on the time it’s going to take to create the new, re-vamped, piece of content.

2. Reach a new audience – their preferred medium

This is one of my personal favourites and, as an example, I’ll use myself.

You’ve already done some great research into your target audience. You might even have nicknames for them (I do!). You’ve talked about where they hang out and what content they like to consume, but what about the outliers?

Every person has a different preference when it comes to consuming content and not every one of them will fit perfectly into your client avatars.

Take me, for example. I will only listen to a podcast if I’ve been enticed by a well-written email, blog or social media post. I consume textual content by the bucket-load. I like reading and find that it keeps me more engaged. Podcasts (audio voice in general) make me tired and I lose focus very quickly.

So, if I was in your ideal audience and you run a podcast, it might be worth your while adapting your podcasts into blogs – or a fantastically written social media post. It would grab my attention and entice me to change my habits for your content.

Using multiple types of content, on a variety of platforms, not just your preferred platform, will help you reach another whole area of your audience.

3. Have a content flop? Redeem it

Did you spend hours (we’ve seen it can take that long) creating what you wanted to be a kick-ass blog post, just to find it flopped?

It’s OK to admit it, boy, I’ve definitely had a few!

Take a bit of time to look at the content and think about whether was the content itself that wasn’t working (maybe you need to use the same topic but from a different angle) or maybe it was the right content but not shared in the right way?

Maybe you wrote a social media post and the reason it didn’t succeed is that (due to character limits) there just wasn’t enough detail, it was too short. LinkedIn only allows posts of 1300 characters, that’s not exactly a lot of space to get your point across.

Maybe you wrote a blog post that was a 20-minute read (cringe, I hope that not what this blog turns out to be, apologies in advance!). Maybe it needed to be a series of emails, spread out over a few weeks, or a series of short videos instead?

Either way, you’ve got the basis of the ideas there, play around with them and see how you can change it, make it different and try again.

4. Gain traction on social media

I’ve talked a little bit, recently, about the fact that social media should be a secondary platform for most businesses. I know it’s a difficult concept to get past, I’m still struggling with this, too. So I’m not saying to stop posting on social media, I’m saying, use it your advantage.

The most important part of re-purposing your content for social media, in my opinion? It’s going to help you remain consistent. You’re going to have more content to use and you’re not going to have to constantly write new social media posts. You’re just adapting the content you already have.

Taking a blog, video or podcast, and summarising it into a social media post with a link back to the original content provides your audience with a reason to click through and read on.

4 ½. Repetition – get the message across

A lot of business owners worry about repetition in their content. Worrying that posting the same message across multiple platforms will annoy your audience who are there to see new content, not old.

I say pooey to that! Not everyone in your audience sees every single piece of content that you publish, so don’t be afraid of repetition.

Use it to your advantage.

It takes hearing/seeing something 6-7 times for someone to easily recall information they’ve been exposed to. By giving the same message in different ways, you’re adding to your exposure.

Overall, in case you can't tell, I'm super-passionate about re-purposing content. I think the content creation journey can be so stressful that if there is any way to reduce the stress, save time, reach more people, I'm going to promote it!

You work really hard on your content, it's time to make sure that your content is working hard for you.

I hope you're not panicking now! If you don't have a content repurposing plan in place, you're not alone! The important part is whether you'd like to give content repurposing a go.

Not quite sure where to start?

If you need some advice or want to talk about a re-purposing plan for your content, it’s time for us to have a chat.

I offer a 30- minute discovery call where you can choose what we talk about:

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  • A particular piece of content you’d like to re-purpose but you’re not sure what to?

  • If you just don’t have time to re-purpose your content, we can talk about how I can help you do that?

  • Something else?

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