What was the best thing about 2020? These blogs, of course!

As we come towards the end of the year 📅, there really is a lot to take in.

We’ve said it once, maybe twice, we’ll surely say it again when we look back at 2020, but it was:

  • A damn weird one

  • Threw many curve balls

  • Caused lots of grief

  • Is not one we’d like to live again (for the most part)

I’m not wanting to put a downer on it. There are many achievements and successes (dare I say it … pivots) to consider, too.

I found that the working from home situation allowed me a little extra time to spend working on my content creation and inspired me, on most days, to ensure that I was giving valuable and entertaining content to you, my wonderful followers.

So, as promised in my last blog, it’s time for my Best of 2020 Blog!

It’s a compilation of blogs from the past year (mmm maybe one or two from last year) that you might have missed out on.

I think they all have their merits (hence why I chose them).

I hope you enjoy them.

28 great content ideas to inspire you

My all-time most popular blog.

Here are 28 different content prompts to get your creative juices flowing on days where you might be struggling.

As we come into 2021, I’ll be posting weekly inspiration posts based from this blog (and other ideas) and if you’ve read this blog and think there is an idea you’d like to share (as a guest social post), pop me an email and we can get something put together.

How to create a simple social media schedule

Given that my general area of expertise does not fall into the social media space, this blog was a surprise success.

It’s written entirely from my experience of building my socials, from one post per week to 3 posts per week, and beyond. It’s meant to help you avoid content overwhelm and build habits that will help you as your business grows.

Top tips for creating visually appealing slide decks

A post I felt was necessary after attending a presentation at my day job.

The topic was gripping, the slide deck put me to sleep.

Take a read of this blog to remember that you and your content are the stars of the show.

Your slide deck should still look good, but it's the supporting act.

11 awesome ways to repurpose your content

As most of you will know, I developed a very keen passion for content repurposing this year.

Well, if you think my passion has been sated, think again. This blog is just a taster of what's to come next year.

Get yourself familiar with the terms and ideas behind repurposing before I deep-dive into repurposing in 2021.

7 things to consider when you're new to content repurposing

If you're sold on the idea of repurposing and are chomping at the bit for my 2021 posts on HOW to repurpose your content. Take the time to read through this one.

This blog is going to help you choose content for repurposing. So get into your archives and find those gems. They'll be ready and waiting for us to tackle in the new year.

How to present clear and concise content

Your audience is just as short on time as you are.

Use these 6 tips to make sure your content is clear, concise and makes sense.

If you're like me and are going to spend part of the Christmas break getting ahead on your content creation, this is an essential post to consider.

Top tip - scheduling your to-do list

Ok, so this one is older than a year but I’ve been made aware this is one of 2 very ‘actionable’ posts I’ve created.

Get into the habit of scheduling your to-do list now and you'll thank yourself in 2021 for being so efficient with your time and to-do list management.

This is a practice I implemented in early 2020 and I still use it now!

Perfect your list with the 4 Ds

Believe it or not, one of my least popular blog posts, but one of my most popular social media posts!

The 4Ds is a practice that is best used on your email inbox or your to-do list.

I’ve been contacted by people who have implemented this (more than once) and have thanked me for bringing a very well-known but little-discussed tactic for managing your lists to their attention.

Give it a try and let me know how it worked for you.

So, there you have it, my best and most favourite blogs from 2020 (and those 2 oldies for good luck).

I’ve been hinting at many new blog topics to come for 2021.

Here’s a quick sneaky peek of a few ideas I’ve got brewing:

The ultimate guide to creating headlines for your content

One that’s not just for bloggers. Headlines are everywhere and there should be a headline on every social media post, email, blog, podcast episode descriptions and much more.

Learn about creating headlines for your content using easy to understand methods and templates.

How to repurpose your content from xx to xx

This is going to be a whopping series of posts where I’m going in-depth into how to repurpose one piece of content to another piece of content. You no longer have to go this alone, I’ll be there with you, each step of the way.

Want your repurposing journey to be first on my list – tell me in an email what you’d like to see first!

Podcasts – what do you want to know

I’m working on a number of podcasts at the moment (editing and publishing) and have some great thoughts on bringing your podcast from idea to recording and on to podcast success.

We’ll work through your planning and strategy, to recording and simple editing you can do yourself, right through to full-blown podcast production.

Oh and I’m sure there will be plenty more thrown in as my creative side rebels and takes over.

Let me know what you’d like to see in 2021 and I’m sure I can fit it in.

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