Impress your audience

with perfectly

polished content.

Whether it's a social media post, blog, or something else, it doesn't hurt to have a second set of eyes check it out.

With my proof editing service, be sure your content goes out into the world:

  • Making sense

  • Free from mistakes

  • And looking great

What is included in proof editing?
The 'proof' part includes:

  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar checks

  • Adjusting style inconsistencies - think headings, quote marks, date formats

  • Removal of those pesky double spaces and rogue empty lines


The 'edit' part includes:

  • Light re-writes to create clarity

  • Recommendations for changes to clunky sentences

  • Removal of repetitive phrases and words

  • Checking of facts and references


The overall rate is determined by the word count, format of the document (word, pdf etc) and the turnaround time you require.

My proof editing rate starts at $50 per hour but I prefer to offer a fixed project fee so contact me now to discuss your needs and I'll prepare a quote.